India will produce Artificial Intelligent Prosthesis

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In India a company will produce Prosthesis for people. But this time it will no so simple. These are special and Artificial Intelligent Prosthesis. The country has 1.3 billion people. So there are lots of accidents. The majority of people live in unsafe condition.

In accidents evrday lots of people lose their arms or legs in India. These accidents happens during the working hours. That’s why the number of the people who can’t work increases day by day. Prosthesis legs or arms aren’t so good. Because you can’t use them freely and it can never replace the old parts of your body.

Artificial Intelligent Prosthesis

Abhit Kumar says that they will produce new Prosthesis parts which will make people to work again. The number of people who can’t work is more than 500.000. That’s very high for a country. But the country can’t help them at the same time.

The Prosthesis technology of the country is only trash. They are very expensive and breakable. And the weight of the parts is so much you can’t use freely. The compant started ro work on new parts. The completed the lackness of the parts. The price of the parts were so much that a normal person could buy it with 6 months salary. But now everybody will able to buy it.

There is a new technology called Avokado. The graphic designer called Subojeet Bhattacharya who lost his 2 arms in an electric accident used this technology. Avokado is a Prosthesis device which gives you more sensity. The only thing you do is preparing the device according to the thing you do. With a few part changings you can do anything you want. You can cook, do garden things and etc. The price is between $154-$2094. Avokado works with battery. The battery life is long and it is very light. You can use it freely.

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