New Netflix Dracula series can be in Doctor Who universe

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Dracula is a new Netfix series. Watchers found something which can show us that it is in the same universe  with Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes. The writes of the Dracula are the same persons who are Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. New series released in this week and watchers loved it from the beginning. After overviews of the series some people had bid claims about this series.


There are some points which shous us everything which happens in this story also happens in Doctor Who universe too. Firstly, let’s take a look at the scenes which shows us those cliams. In the first episode “The Rules of the Beast” Jonathan Harker reads a letter which was written by his fiance called Mina Murray. In that letter Mina has jokes which says that their interests can change and can spend good time in  The Rose & Crown with a woman. Also you can see dialogues about it in Doctor Who 2012 epsiode called The Snowmen.

In a scene of Dracula Sister Agatha brings Mina to see her fiance and wants help from a famous detective in London. All of us think that it can be Sherlock Holmes. But also it can be a detective called Madame Vastra in Doctor Who. Some dialougues and scenes are very similar. That’s why people think that it is possible to be in the same universe. As you know Doctor Who is a time traveller who saves the world and he can travel to any year you think. And the detective is possible to be Sherlock Holmes.

Other episodes don’t have any clue for us. But in season 2 we can find anything else. As an advice if you want the best series, start to watch Doctor Who. But the problem here is that there are so much episodes which you can hardly finish.

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