Why is Brawl Stars is one of the most loved games

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Brawl Stars is a game for all ages. This is a online game which you enter with your friends. There are lots of characters and maps. That means lots of fans for everybody. There are some differences between Brawl Stars  and other online games. So what are these differences and why Brawl Stars is loved so much?

Brawl Stars Gameplay

In this game you join to matches. Every match is 3 vs 3. And you can play with your friends. Registration of the game is very easy. Also you can add your friends and you play with them. There are some options for matches. In matches your priority is getting gems. If you get enough gems, you have to hold them for a few secands. Then you will be the winner. But don’t forget that your enemies can kill you and take your gems. There are lots of maps for you. You can play also create your own strategies on any map. You can hide and do surprise attacks. Also you have a special skill too. Every hero has its own skills. You can kill your enemies easily. But you have to make it full first.

Brawl Stars Shelly

There are lots fo heroes you can buy. Also buying or making them level up is very easy. After all matches you get rewards. You can collect coins or characters parts. If you collect enough, you can make them level up. That’s very enjoyable. There are lots of clothes for heroes and getting them isn’t so hard. In the beginning you get Shelly for free. It is a great character with great skill. Shelly shots with a gun and her skill is a big shot which is so strong that it can kill an enemy very easily. So if your enemy uses it, stay away from her.

Brawl Stars Image


As you can see there are lots of enjoyable guys we can use. Every match is enjoyable and the time of matches aren’t so song. So if you want to buy a new character, the only thing you must do is playing. The best side of the game is that after finishing a match you can play again and again with the same rivals. So if you lose, just take revenge. That’s the real gamer spirit.

Brawl Stars Barley

My favorite character is Barley who is one of the strongest characters of the game. I love killing enemies with Barley’s skill. It s very useful and enjoyable. Barley throw a battle and a place i selected starts to burn. Then all enemies who want to cross is burning and dying. That’s the real fun. You can find your favorite hero too. All heroes are special. If you are searching for a real game, Brawl Stars is for you.

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