Google will remove the Chrome apps by June

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The company got a new decision which made people surprised. Google says that other Google apps will stay and they will work on them. Removing Chrome is just a step and they will work on Chrome too. After using it so much years the decision of the commpany is unbeliavable.

As you you can see Chrome is the best and most popular app for searching. All of us used it for years. Not only for our mobiles also we used it for computers too. Google apps have 2 options. The original Chrome and other Google apps. The company says that this step was important for them.

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Google says that their apps are differ a lot. Firstly, Chrome is the most and most useful thing among them. And the second reason is that other apps can do only a few things. With Chrome you can search, look videos and images and etc. The majority of the users even maybe you use it now. We can’t say that we will lose Google from our devices. Beause other Google apps will stay as they used to. But we will have to use something new. Maybe Opera or Firefox.

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As a reason the company says that in last years users liked Chrome and all of them used it. But it should be improved. Because the copany want to make the best for users. So how will be removing procedure? The first thing they will do is removing Chrome from Windows, macOS and Linux. Until 2022 all Chrome apps will be removed. Actually, this decision was planned since 2018. But doing it after 2 years was upredictable and confused.

The decision of the company is just for Chrome. So don’t worry about other apps. And maybe in 2020 the company can remove all apps. It will not happen in a day. So relax! But can you use other apps just like Chrome.

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